Lara Croft vs. The Doppelganger – Confrontation

Lara Croft dukes it out with her doppelganger from Tomb Raider: Underworld. Done for fun/practice over the past few weeks during some downtime. The animation in this clip is at the first splining pass, but I think I’ll go back a step and work further on the breakdowns since there are so many parts that look floaty when they should be tighter, and others that look stiff when they should more loose. The clip starts and ends abruptly as it was meant to part of a slightly larger sequence. The missing sections are roughly blocked out at the moment, though not very interesting to look at. At any rate, I apologize for uploading incomplete work. I just wanted some feedback. You’ll have to excuse the cheesy and over dramatic pacing of the dialogue scene just before the fight. =P

-Geometry and textures are from the game. I didn’t model anything nor did I paint any textures.
-Rigged, animated, and rendered in Maya.
-For video reference, live acion footage from movies and self shot clips were used. In this particular clip:
–The fight scene is the Tea House scene from The Matrix Reloaded.
–The punch and reaction to it is from the movie Constantine, where Gabriel gets clocked by Neo… er… Constantine.
–The other bits, like the walk, are based on self footage.
-Keyframes all around except for the hair, which was either keyframes blended with basic dynamics or only keyframes, depending on the shot. Animating the hair was an after thought, and wasn’t that fun to do.
-Sound bites are from game and the two movies noted above. The music during the dialogue is from The Dark Knight Soundtrack – track 10 on the CD – “And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad”

1280×544 Xvid video:

Quicktime H.264 video: