Girl Fight Sarah vs Victoria

Purgatory vs. Chain Jane.

Scene from upcoming project “Ultra High School”.
Not the finalized version as the music here is taken from Tekken 3, Tekken 5, & Spy Hunter 2.

Purgatory (alias Audrey Claris) is a field agent of a low-key organization called The Order. Her directives are to join the martial arts club Dragon Phoenix to investigate the nature of the club.

Chain Jane (alias Viola Vives) is the sister of pop idol sensation Victoria Vives. Being the black sheep of the family, Viola takes up street fighting and eventually finds her way to Dragon Phoenix. She challenges each member to test their skill.

Marvin Worthington III (alias Rocky) is the heir to the Worthington Estate. Taking his father’s motto seriously “excel in everything you do”, Rocky sets out to dominate all attendees of Ultra High School. Due to moronic circumstances, he winds up joining the Dragon Phoenix club and makes good friends with Alex Nobles.

Alex Nobles– a douchebag.