Giant Amazon Women Wrestling – Censored (Help Us!)

In this video April Hunter takes on a giant Amazon, but we can’t seem to figure out how to put it on YouTube. Leave a comment below, but watch your language! Adult comments get sent to the spam folder! Thanks! (No cursing)

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I was born in Philadephia and grew up shuttled between there and off a military base in a small town in Alabama after my parents split. I lived with my dad and stepmom. We’d moved around a lot my whole life: I got used to meeting lots of people (now, if I stay in one place too long, I get the urge to go somewhere else). I moved back to Philadelphia in my senior year at high school to live with my mom. Severe culture shock. I really don’t think two places in the same country could have been more different. I like to think now that I got the best of both worlds: that I can think fast and still remember my manners! But it was really hard on me. People talk in a flirtatious manner in the south, and the boys knew that it was only charm; it didn’t mean anything if you didn’t want it to. They knew when to back off. You just can’t talk like that in the northeast, boys will camp out at your house and stalk you to the grocery store if you do, then tell you that it’s your fault because you led them on! It happened to me a lot that year!

What keeps me going is the people. The fan appreciation, the comments, the likes, and the subscribers. And that is what makes it all worthwhile!


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Bikini Match:
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